We have strategically built up a strong base of long-term investment, structuring and banking partners. This enables us to execute projects and deals of any size across diverse geographies.

Investment Partners (Equity)

We have long-term relationships with leading investment groups in Europe, US and Israel. Along with our partners, we can quickly execute equity investments of any size across any geography.

Jerusalem Economy, Israel

Zur Shamir (Direct Insurance), Israel

  • Partner: Mr. M. Schneidman
  • 3 investments over in last 15 years
  • Website: Direct Insurance

Biran Group, Israel

Engel Invest Group, Israel

  • Partner: Mr. Jacob Engel
  • 3 investments since 1997
  • Website: Engel Invest

WT 80 GmbH, Austria

  • Partner: Mr. Friedrich Scheck
  • Over 5 investments since 2006
  • Website: WT80 GmbH

Third Millennium Group, USA

  • Partner: Mr. Joseph Mizrachi
  • 3 investment in last 10 years
  • Website: Third Millennium

Transaction Structuring

We have direct access to domain experts to perform deal due-diligence, analysis and operation management. This enables us to execute complex deals in various sectors quickly.

Solutions Dot WG, Germany

  • Partner: Mr. Gianni van Daalen
  • Hotel and Tourism industry analysis and operational expertise
  • Website: Solutions Dot WG

Reese Immobilien Consulting, Germany

GSK Stockmann + Kollegen

  • Notary and Lawyer Office
  • Website: GSK

White Cube Investments GmbH, Germany

  • Partner: Theo Kammerer
  • Due-diligence, legal and tax structuring
  • Website: White Cube Invest

Grossmann & Berger GmbH, Germany

  • Partner: Dr. Jörg Wildgruber
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Website: Grossmann Berger

Sammler Usinger, Germany

First Berlin GmbH, Germany

  • Partner: Mr. Martin Bailey
  • Capital Markets transactions and market intelligence
  • Website: First Berlin

Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG, Germany

Banking Partners

We have executed multiple debt financing deals with large banks successfully. With our banking partners we have the access to debt capital giving us the ability to build the optimal capital structure for each of project and transaction.

Credit Suisse, Switzerland

  • Over €100 MN in debt financing for multiple projects
  • Website: Credit Suisse

Nomura Europe

  • Over €100 MN in debt financing in multiple transactions
  • Website: Nomura Europe

Bank Luemi, Israel

  • Over €200 MN in debt financing for multiple projects
  • Website: Bank Leumi

Hypo Noe Gruppe, Austria

Deutsche Bank, Germany

  • Over €200 MN in debt financing for multiple projects
  • Website: Deutsche Bank

Dealings with largest players

We have a successful track record of dealing with the big players of real estate industry. We have executed complex deals requiring due-diligence and KYC process of the highest standards. With our track record and respect in the industry, we have access to the biggest deals on the market.

Golman Sachs Inc.

  • Acquired UDL 74 building, Berlin from Archon, Goldman Sachs Subsidiary in 2012
  • Website: Archon Group

Catella Property Group

  • Property broker for Landic portfolio
  • Website: Catella

Deutsche Post

  • Sale and lease back of commercial portfolio in various German cities in 2005
  • Website: Deutsche Post

Landesbank Baden-Württember (LBBW)

  • Acquired commercial property portfolio in Netherlands in 2001
  • Website: LBBW

UBS Investment Bank

  • Acquired Landic Property portfolio from UBS Investment Bank in 2009
  • Website: UBS AG

Deka Immobillian Fund

  • Sold the Sydney Stock Exchange building on behalf of Deka Fund
  • Website: Deka Fund